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    Ballroom Dance Shoes

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    Standard/Smooth Dress

    Pure white strapped V neck, open back, gold and ab stones with chiffon bottom. 2 White feathered floats. Size: 4-6-8-10

    Standard/Smooth Dress 

    Very light soft blue V neck strapped, peals and AB stones. Full shirt and has 2 white feathered AB stoned floats. Size: 4-6-8-10

    Standard/Smooth Dress 

    Blue and white, v neck strapped, open back, multi-hue blues and crystal stones. Dark blue necklace and 2 blue to white white to blue blend floats. Size: XS

    Smooth Dress

    Bright red long sleeved, asymmetrical open side, open back, red and gold stones. Matching red choker

    Rhythm Dress

    2 piece dress. Top strapped light pink sequins with peach and pink stones. Light pink sequins belt. Wire trimmed bottom with a flower cut and light pink sequins with peach and pink stones.

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