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Helpful Hints for Couples

Here at Arthur Murray we specialize in teaching couples to dance.

Here at Arthur Murray we specialize in teaching couples to dance. Teaching couples is different from teaching individuals and requires special care.

Teachers are trained to make learning fun and easy, and you can help by remembering the following:

  • Let your teacher do the teaching. This means avoid finding fault with each other which can be distracting.
  • It’s not how many steps you know; it’s how you execute them. (You always notice good dancers by how they move, not by how many patterns they do.) Learning too many steps too soon results in bad habits and frustration at not executing them properly.
  • In teaching couples, we have learned that men typically progress slower because they have more to do and tend to be more analytical or mechanical. Women, on the other hand, feel movement quicker and therefore, THE LADY MUST TRY TO BE PATIENT AND NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH TOO SOON.
  • It’s important to keep your lessons close together, and more importantly to use them in close conjunction with group lessons and practice lessons. Ideally, each visit should be scheduled to include more than one activity. This will aid you in making speedy progress and gaining confidence in your dancing in a shorter period of time.
  • Communicate with your teacher so that he or she will know what to teach you and the way you like to be taught. The more we know about your dance needs the better we can plan your lessons now and prepare your future program.

Learning to dance is an investment that keeps on paying back. Of all the hobbies you may have, dancing is one which goes with you wherever you go in years to come.

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  • If you're looking for a fun place to dance in the Clermont area, this is it! In this new location the atmosphere is fun..., the staff is well trained, and the energy is high. Whether it's just you or you and a partner, you definitely can and will learn to dance whichever styles you like! Amanda taught me how to swing dance, and I'm never gonna stop 😀
    Sean OClermont
  • I was a bit sheepish at first but in just a few lessons I started to build confidence. I was able to start dancing with just a few basic steps. What once seemed scary to me has become exciting for me. The love of my life is a great dancer and nothing makes her happier than when I ask her to dance! Thank you Arthur Murray!
    Robert DClermont
  • Amanda, Dion and the rest of the Arthur Murray staff are amazing teachers! I had not danced a day in my life before our first lesson and their process is made for dancers of any level. My wife and I would recommend Arthur Murray of Clermont to anyone looking to learn to dance!
    Steven MClermont
  • Love this studio, great instructors.
    A Google User
  • Caleb was awesome
    A Google User
  • I love the professionalism! Dion and Caleb make this fun and not stressful. It's always a fun party. Great teachers and easy to follow their lead.
    Keyla A.
  • Dion is the absolute best! Unlike any other teacher! Our learning style constantly changes due to all our external stressors, but he is still always in tune with our ever changing needs. He knows what works with us at each lesson! He is always encouraging and makes us laugh!
    A Google User
  • Had a great time. Can't wait to come back and learn more!
  • The high quality of the very friendly, helpful and patient instructors.
    A Google User
  • Amanda is Amazing and so is the rest of the staff. Clermont makes you feel invited, wanted, and wonderful whole being passionate about what they love, dance. It is an amazing and life changing experience.
    Sascha M.
  • Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! My wife and I love Amanda and Dion. They have us doing dances we never thought we would be able to master and we are having a wonderful time doing it. I am especially proud of the Father/Daughter dance my daughter and I did in September. Dion and Amanda came up with a perfect dance for us to do that really surprised and impressed everyone at the reception. We nailed it and I give all the credit to Amanda and Dion's advice, experience, professionalism and patience. I am now working on a very different dance to do with another daughter who is getting married in Mexico in January and I am certain it will be another amazing memory for us all. Finally, not only are Amanda and Dion fantastic dancers, they are wonderful and caring people who we now call our friends. Money well-spent, trust me! Rich and Gina Wightman
    A Google User
  • Great professional teachers and very fun to be around. I lost weight and slimmed down quite a bit. Also got my Bronze certificate.
    Dorothy L.
  • Oh my gosh from the day I walked into the studio and met Amanada and her smiling face. It was such a warm feeling so I joined for my gf to learn how to do the salsa because her new daughter in law is Hispanic well I fell in love with the dancing and I love my dance instructor Deon . I have found my happy place and will do anything I need to do to continue my journey dancing at Athur Murrys!! Everyone is really nice Amanda has a great team!!!
    Tina C.
  • So far, it's been a great experience. We've learned so much in a short period of time. And the instructors really listen to us and teach at our pace. I wish our schedules allowed us to come in more often.
    Deb M.
  • Arthur Murray Clermont is a wonderful place to learn to dance. The staff is great. They are patient and ready to answer any question. I love dancing at Arthur Murray Clermont. I would recommend them to anyone who wanted to learn ballroom dance.
    Kathryn H.
  • I love taking my Dancing lessons , takes away my stress .
  • Was a wonderfully, fun experience for a first time dancer. Staff is very encouraging, I looked forward to every class. Also fun to dance with all the different instructors, they each have something unique to offer! Loved every minute!!
    Betsy I.
  • Great staff !! Attentive to detail and a motivating atmosphere !!
    Mark P.
  • Amanda and her team are the BEST! Fun and talented instructors. Highly recomended
    Michael C.
  • Great teachers! Great exercise and fun! My new extended family!
    Sharon P.
  • Fantastic staff! Being doing for over a year! Highly recommend.
    Tyler H.
  • I had my first 30 minute private dance instruction with Nick and could not believe how much incredible he made me feel! Despite the fact that I have multiple health issues (including back fractures and severe osteoporosis), he made me feel instantly at ease and used a ton of positive vibes until I was so comfortable, I was actually DANCING along WITH him....and on my first visit! He even added more difficult moves than he planned and feels my potential is unlimited, and you know, with him as a lead, I believe that line. Normally I would shrug that off and go, "I know my limits, buddy"...but he really made me feel like we could work up to more difficult dances and get me stronger and more stable again!
    Ivy Shapiro
  • Love the fun friendly atmosphere of this Arthur Murray Studio. The instructors are incredible and I love dancing with my instructor Caleb. Perfect place to come and learn how to dance whether single or a couple.
    Katrina van Oudheusden
  • Excellent Studio with Fun, Easy going instructors, very friendly and welcoming. They make you feel like you’ve been friends forever. Not intimidating and it’s great for everyone. Highly recommended this to anyone, came in for a free class and now I’ve signed up for a program. Don’t hesitate and come in if you want to make dance a part of your life. I’m already learning Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, Swing and even more.
    Susy Rodriguez
  • Great place with amazing instructors.
    Joseph Morreale
  • Arthur Murray Clermont is an amazing dance studio filled with instructors that care about their students and want to help everyone progress to their best dancing self.
    Sarah D.
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